Ancor GmbH was founded in 2011. Founder and shareholder Waldemar Schlemmer still manages the successful company which has now become a holding company. It was renamed ANCOR Group GmbH in 2014 and has its headquarters in Igersheim, Germany.

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As the manufacturer of KAIF and KAIF light, the ancorgroup produces and markets this popular niche product worldwide. New markets and countries are being opened up every day. Thanks to new investors, our energy drink has now reached as far as Dubai. It has been officially Halal certified especially for our Arab customers, confirming that KAIF complies with the food manufacturing guidelines necessary to meet the Halal requirements of Muslim consumers.

KAIF plans to strike out in a different direction to its competitors: "Many young people long to enjoy the finer things in life and we offer them a taste of that with KAIF. After all, there's a good reason why our name translates as 'well-being'. Our high-energy drink is just as much a status symbol as mobile phones, branded clothes and handbags," explains Waldemar Schlemmer.

Additional investment and products are already being planned. Keep your eyes peeled!

Halal Certificate

Halal certificate

The Halal certificate confirms that food, cosmetics or other consumer products meet the requirements of Islamic law. The certification involves verification of the ingredients as well as an inspection the production facilities.

Halal certification also aims to show how to avoid ritual uncleanliness during production, how to ritually cleanse any unavoidable uncleanliness, and how to substitute permitted ingredients for forbidden ones.

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The success story of KAIF

  1. 2010 The idea of an energy drink is born.
    Search for a flavour
    and a unique name.
  2. 2011 First "KAIF" can has arrived.
    Beginn with the production
    and test phase.
  3. 2013 First national sales
    branches. Building national
    and international sales.
  4. 2015 KAIF in 29 countries worldwide.
    Expand sales with
    a focus on Germany.

Our team

At KAIF, you will find young, smart, dynamic people who believe in the value of teamwork and building strong relationships with our customers and alliance partners at home and abroad.

We make the most of our individual strengths, without losing sight of the importance of teamwork. Mutual support is a matter of course – so our customers benefit from the accumulated knowledge of the team, and we are always able to handle a wide range of inquiries, service operations and problem situations in a reliable and professional manner.

A career with us

The goal of our marketing operation is to successfully sell our products and services to end users and to other companies. Attracting new buyers plays an important role in this, as does supporting our existing client relationships. The hard work of our sales staff contributes significantly to the success of the company.

To help us expand, we are looking for:

  • Internal and field sales professionals
  • Office administrator

Send your application to: